How to Take Online Appointments for Service Providers

The online appointment scheduling process has been simplified in recent years by several forward-thinking platforms. For example, Fresha and Wix have recently launched new appointment scheduling applications that can quickly be added to any website.

This article describes how to use appointment scheduling in order to create a 'one stop' shopping center, where clients can book appointments in one location, without having to call or book in-person.

First of all, what is Appointment scheduling? According to the experts at Calendly, this process first started back in May 2010. The idea was to give local service providers an online presence; something that would compete with the larger corporate 'brick and mortar' agencies.

Appointment scheduling gives the client full control of their appointments, giving them more choice, not just about who they have to see, but what date and time as well. The main goal is, of course, to provide clients with 'frictionless' services. One important question that arises is whether the smaller local providers are able to compete with the 'bigger' service providers.

The solution lies in the fact that online appointment scheduling gives the provider the choice of presenting their clients with various options while maintaining the central reservation for services available. In other words, instead of providing clients with a static list of service categories and dates, the Appointment scheduling service provider gives them a dynamic list, which changes accordingly. This reduces the amount of manual intervention required by the client and service provider. Clients do not even need to be present at the office to book their services; they can do this via their mobile device, as long as they have internet access.

Appointment scheduling is not only useful for clients but also for service providers, since they too get the option of introducing changes at any given time. They can update their clients on new appointments, cancel the same, or rearrange their list of 'planned' appointments. Since this technology is readily available to both parties, it makes perfect sense for the clients and the service providers.

In the past several years, Zoom and other video conferencing platforms have allowed us to have meetings without geographical restrictions. Several appointment setting platforms such as Wix, offer online appointment software which automatically generates and emails a link for both you and the client.

Many business owners believe that appointment scheduling is beneficial only for clients who have a physical presence in the office. But this is not necessarily true. All businesses, regardless of their size, can make use of appointment scheduling services. All they need to do is make use of the technology and reap its benefits.

There are many other benefits of Appointment scheduling, too. The time that they save is considerable, especially for small-scale businesses, which tend to have shorter operating hours. This time is also utilized for productive work, allowing the business owner to expand their business.

The most important thing about appointment scheduling is that you control it yourself. You can schedule appointments from anywhere; even from your home. Therefore, you can be sure that you will never miss another appointment again.

Interested in accepting online appointments for your service-based business? Learn more about the following platforms to get started:

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